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MPF II: Call for Proposals

With a total budget of roughly €5 million, the MP/CAMM Call for Proposals is open to Member States of the European Union (EU MS) for Actions targeting Mobility Partnership (MP) and Common Agenda on Migration and Mobility (CAMM) countries, and can include private law bodies, such as non-governmental organisations (NGOs), as co-applicants.

The Call consists of three thematic streams which correspond to three financial instruments that fund the MPF and which are managed by DG HOME. The first thematic stream supports activities under the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) while the second and third ones activities under respectively the Internal Security Funds for police cooperation (ISF-Police) and borders and visa (ISF-Borders and Visa). Funding has been depleted under AMIF and Borders and Visa, but funding under ISF Police is still available. 

Who can apply?

  • Applicants: public bodies of EU Member States that have signed a specific Mobility Partnership with a given country (or of all EU MS in the case of CAMMs).
  • Co-applicants: public bodies of other EU Member States or partner countries, private law bodies or non-governmental organisations (NGOs)

What kind of activities can be funded?

  • Peer-to-peer expertise
  • Training sessions & technical equipment
  • Research
  • Study visits
  • Review & development of legislation
  • Conferences & expert meetings

6 Easy steps to submit a proposal:

  1. Prepare your application
  2. Submit your proposal Please note that your proposal is considered submitted only once you receive a message of confirmation of receipt. This e-mail will be sent after verification of your submission, usually within one working day.
  3. Administrative and Eligibility Check
    The proposal will be subject to an administrative and eligibility check in accordance with the requirements laid down in the Guidelines for a Call for Proposals.
  4. Consultation process
    In order to verify complementarity with other projects in the same country(ies), covering the same thematic areas and in order to avoid duplications and overlapping, a consultation process is launched with different European Commission directorates, EU MS and relevant EU delegations.
  5. Evaluation of the proposal
    Proposals that pass the Administrative and Eligibility Check carried out by the MPF Team will be subject to evaluation based on the award criteria listed in Section 5 of the Guidelines for a Call for Proposals. 
  6. Signature of a Grant Contract
    Following an award decision, ICMPD will sign a Grant Contract with the Applicant.

Available funding: 

ISF-Police: € 526.463,30
AMIF: Please refer to MPF III New Call for Proposals for updated information on funding opportunities. 
ISF-Borders and Visa:  Please refer to MPF III New Call for Proposals for updated information on funding opportunities. 

What you will need to apply:


Application Package

Grant Contract Templates

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