November 2019 - September 2021


EUR 531,328.62 (95% from ISF-Borders)

Implemented by

The French Ministry of Interior implements this Action in coordination with CIVIPOL, its technical cooperation operator.

Through this Action the French Ministry of Interior with the support of CIVIPOL aims to strengthen the functioning of the visa free regime between the European Union and Georgia. It will do so by systematizing information exchange and monitoring migration trends, in particular the number of asylum seekers, whilst also improving the process of EXIT control and pre-departure checks performed under the control of Georgian authorities. FRONTEX will also cooperate in the implementation of this Action



Inception and Deployment

The Action capitalises on previous efforts and will fine-tune an analysis of the Georgian border control management. The main goal being the identification of needs in terms of training and the most suitable experts in the field.

Capacity Building

Training curricula and material will be developed for future use during capacity building sessions covering the identification of false documents, detection of risk-profile travellers, and Schengen rules.

Operational Exchanges

The aim is to enhance coordination and mutual learning on border management issues. This is fostered in two ways: by deploying Georgian migration and police officers in French airports and borders to support the work of the French Border Police; and by organising study visits for a small team of Georgian officials in France, Germany and other EU Member States to establish regular operational contacts.


A final conference will be organised where a wide range of participant (Georgian Ministry of Interior, Border police and Customs, migration officers, EU embassy representatives and security attachés) will meet to discuss the project results, new methods of collaboration and to promote Prometheus in neighbouring countries and EU Member States.