MPF and Labour Mobility

The MPF supports the implementation of labour mobility projects and interventions aligned to the proposed EU Talent Partnerships, described in the EU’s New Pact on Migration and Asylum. This is undertaken through the Facility’s grant-funding of labour mobility projects and the provision of technical assistance to EU Member States, priority partner countries and other stakeholders seeking to realise mobility initiatives.

Pilot Projects on Labour Migration

Since 2018, in support of the objectives of relevant EU Migration Policy frameworks, four projects have been implemented to foster well-managed labour migration in cooperation with key partner countries. Four more projects launched in 2021. The MPF also stays in close contact with EU pilot projects funded through other EU funding mechanisms (THAMM and MATCH) in the interest of strengthening coherence and cooperation.

Additionally, the MPF hosts regular knowledge exchange sessions that include labour migration pilot project practitioners, EU member state stakeholders, among others. The sessions have culminated in the publication of a preliminary analysis of lessons learnt in the framework of the EU-funded pilot projects on legal migration and a Guide to setting up labour mobility schemes based on best practice. The MPF also undertakes case studies in cooperation with other organisations, notably in diaspora and private sector engagement, to explore modalities to better involve diverse stakeholders in support of the EU’s Talent Partnerships.

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