A key aspect of the MPF’s support to the external dimension of the EU’s migration policy is knowledge management. This is undertaken by compiling lessons learned, preparing policy briefs or other analytical documents and identifying the most effective means of disseminating the information, all the while creating an enabling environment to discuss topics. This approach fosters knowledge exchange and policy-oriented learning and transfer, informing the design of future actions supported by the MPF or other initiatives that shape EU migration policy and practice change.

Having funded more than 40 projects involving 15 European Member States and 12 partner countries across a number EU migration policy areas, the MPF has accumulated a wealth of policy and operational knowledge in the area of migration that is continuously being captured and made accessible to key stakeholders to support more effective execution of the external dimension of EU migration policy. In this third phase of its evolution, the MPF will focus even more on knowledge and evidence generation through MPF project implementation and by proactively seeking opportunities to shape dialogue and thinking on the appropriate approaches, frameworks, and tools for implementing EU external migration policy. The MPF carries out the following policy, operational knowledge and learning activities outlined below:

  • Developing and disseminating policy findings, recommendations and evidence-based material in the wide array of policy areas covered by the MPF (e.g. labour migration and mobility, private sector engagement, border management, asylum and refugee protection, migration and development etc.);
  • Setting up thematic dialogue platforms steered by practitioners and experts to share experiences and lessons learned, best practice and gather evidence on common migration issues (e.g., the Labour Mobility Practitioners Network);
  • Through the implementation of MPF projects, consolidate innovative and best practice approaches in relation to the operational challenges of implementing external EU migration policy;
  • Conduct studies to gather knowledge and evidence to inform policy and foster an enabling environment for the implementation of the external dimension of EU migration policy.



The natural targets of the MPF’s knowledge management and learning activities are EU member state bodies and other actors that are either current or prospective implementing partners of MPF-funded projects as well as priority partner countries that are the beneficiaries of EU external migration policy actions.