D.O.M.D.E. 2 - Development of Moldovan Diaspora Entrepreneurship 2
June 2022 - September 2024
Strengthening of the Georgian Border Police (GBP) capacities for green and sea border surveillance
April 2022 - March 2024
Further strengthening of International Law Enforcement Coordination Units (ILECUs) Network in South-eastern Europe (SEE) and Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries
January 2022 - December 2023
Implemented by ICMPD
Training Institute on Migration Capacity Partnership for the Mediterranean (MCP Med)
December 2021 - November 2024
Implemented by ICMPD
Strengthening Migrant Integration through cooperation between Portugal and Cabo Verde – Coop4Int
December 2021 - December 2024
WAFIRA - Women As Financially Independent Rural Actors
October 2021 - October 2024
Pilot project for business mobility between Belgium and Senegal (PEM)
October 2021 - March 2024
(E)Co-development for innovation and employment in green and circular economy between Andalusia and Morocco (MOVE_GREEN)
September 2021 - August 2024
Strengthening of the Migration Management System in the Republic of Moldova
September 2021 - August 2022
Mediterranean Network for Training Orientation to Regular migration (MENTOR) II
July 2021 - June 2024
Digital Talents for Moldova – Slovakia for Talents: Labour mobility programme of ICT graduates between Slovakia and Moldova (DIGI TALENTS)
July 2021 - February 2024
Novel concept of relocatable aerial surveillance for border security
June 2021 - October 2022
Enhancing capacities of Border Police forces to detect forged identity and travel documents for preventing and combating irregular migration and trafficking in human beings
June 2021 - November 2022
Children Left Behind by Labour Migration: Supporting Moldovan and Ukrainian Transnational Families in the EU
June 2021 - December 2023
Migration Management Diploma Programme for Representatives of MP and CAMM Countries (MMDP)
November 2020 - July 2022
Support to the Mobility Partnership between the EU and Jordan (JEMPAS II)
February 2020 - October 2021
Implemented by ICMPD
November 2019 - September 2021
Enhancing Latvia-Belarus border management cooperation during preparation and implementation of large-scale public events (LATBEL)
October 2019 - September 2021
Young Generation as Change Agents (YGCA)
May 2019 - June 2021
Completed Project: High Opportunity for Mediterranean Executive Recruitment (HOMERe)
May 2019 - December 2020
INSigHT - Building capacity to deal with human trafficking and transit routes in Nigeria, Italy and Sweden
April 2019 - March 2022
Completed Action: Pilot Project Addressing Labour Shortages through Innovative Labour Migration Models (PALIM)
March 2019 - April 2021
Digital Explorers
January 2019 - December 2021
Law Enforcement Cooperation on Cross-Border Crimes within the Migratory Context under Mobility Partnerships and Common Agendas on Migration and Mobility
February 2019 - February 2019
Implemented by ICMPD
MP Country Signatories, CAMM Country Signatories, EU Member States
Support to the development of the Concept of the National Migration Policy in Belarus
February 2019 - February 2020
Implemented by ICMPD
Completed Actions: “Capacity building of K-9 units” and “Capacity building of Border Police in the field of dog handling”
December 2018 - December 2019
Completed Action: Support for the Moldovan Call Centre for Migrants
April 2018 - January 2019
Completed Action: AKT on Smuggling by Air Action for knowledge transfer on migrant smuggling by air and document fraud in select MP and CAMM countries
February 2018 - October 2018
Completed Action: Enhancing Moldovan Capacities in Fighting Against Trafficking in Human Beings
February 2018 - October 2018
Completed Action: Improving the Quality of Border Surveillance Through Enhanced Cooperation
February 2018 - October 2018
Completed Project: Strengthening Moroccan Operational Capacities for the Verification of False Travel Documents
November 2017 - July 2018
Completed Action: Development of Moldovan Diaspora Entrepreneurship D.O.M.D.E
November 2017 - December 2018
Completed Action: Fostering capacities and cooperation on IBM among EaP training institutions
September 2017 - April 2018
Implemented by ICMPD
Completed Action: Strengthening current and future employment and self-employment programmes through sustainable value chain management system under the Migration Resource Centres and Local Centres of the State Employment Agency
July 2017 - November 2018
Completed Action: MENTOR MEditerranean Network for Training Orientation to Regular migration
June 2017 - October 2018
Completed Action: HIGH FIDELITY Exercising for asylum procedures
March 2017 - October 2017
Completed Action: Development of the capacity of dog handling services of border guarding institutions in Moldova and Georgia
March 2017 - October 2017
Completed Action: Further implementation of the Moldovan IBM concept in line with the upgrading of the European IBM concept
January 2017 - October 2017
Completed Action: Reintegration policies for returning Armenian migrants
December 2016 - June 2018