July 2021 - February 2024


EUR 1,499,998.00 (94,93% from AMIF)

Implemented by

The Development and Mobility Agency (EMA) is implementing this Action, in collaboration with the National Coalition for Digital Skills and Jobs of the Slovak Republic (Digital Coalition) and the Moldovan Association of Information and Communications Technology Companies (ATIC).

DIGI TALENTS is a mobility and career advancement programme that will bring young ICT specialists from Moldova to Slovakia. Through a temporary legal labour migration scheme, this 32-month project will pursue a triple win: enabling Moldovan participants to strengthen their social capital and acquire new skills in a stimulating work environment, addressing the shortage of skilled labour in Slovakia, and ultimately transferring highly sought-after knowledge and expertise to the Moldovan ICT sector.



Talent incubator and pre-departure

Up to 50 young Moldovan talents – students or graduates in ICT-related fields – will be selected and offered short-term employment (12 months) or internships (3 months) in leading ICT companies in Slovakia. Prior to departure, short-listed candidates will enter a six week programme and benefit from a Talent Incubator Laboratory, which will be established in collaboration with the Technical University of Moldova (TUM), where they will attend specialised ICT training courses to enhance their skills and meet the requirements of the Slovak companies.


Upon arrival in Slovakia, young talents will participate in intensive training focused on language proficiency in English and basic Slovak as well as practical programming knowledge, before the start of the employment or internship contract with the ICT companies.


After the end of the mobility phase, participants will be provided with reintegration support to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and skills in the country of origin. The return phase will focus on the effective integration of young graduates and students into the Moldovan labour market or, for selected candidates, on assisting them to start their own business and develop start-ups in cooperation with European Commission funded project Startup City Cahul and its Innovation and Technology Centre.

Capacity building

To develop the capacities of local partners and ensure the replicability and sustainability of the mobility scheme, the project will support the creation of public-private partnerships and the piloting of an educational platform, the Digital Academy Social Programme, which will strengthen the qualification of young ICT graduates and their preparation for the domestic labour market. This platform will bring together national authorities, universities, non-governmental actors and private companies in Moldova.