Mobility Partnerships / Border Management


September 2021 - August 2022


EUR 295,655.25 (94,87% from AMIF)

Implemented by

The European Project Implementation Centre of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration in Poland (EPIC MoIA) is implementing this Action, in cooperation with the General Inspectorate of Border Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova (GIBP).

The action seeks to strengthen the Moldovan border management and migration services in line with current requirements and standards in EU countries.

The main components include study visits and capacity building for Moldovan border police and Bureau of Migration and Management to harness Moldova’s potential to further develop migration management strategies. A series of workshops will be organized, involving trainers from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary and Czech Republic and targeting up to 160 Moldovan participants from managerial and executive levels, including future trainers. The project is based on a model developed during Polish support to Ukrainian migration services.



Coordination and inception

After establishing the action team, Polish representatives will meet with Moldovan counterparts during an inception mission to fine-tune the needs and draw the scope of the trainings. 

Migration management

This workshop will focus on organisation of migration management in Poland, policy on border checks, asylum and migration, identification of trends and migration risks as well as strategic documents and tools, including ICT systems supporting the management of migration, identification of foreigners, practical experience in preparing and carrying out forced returns.

Return management and combating legislation abuse

Training sessions will discuss legal frameworks that assist voluntary return and the responsibility of each national and institutions involved at EU level. Information on the possible ways of legal pathway abuse will be shared as well as the means to cooperate with other institutions to combat such abuse. 

International protection

This workshop will focus on types, forms and procedures of international protection. Good practices will be shared concerning the management of detention centers, providing social and medical care, and identifying vulnerable groups, especially victims of trafficking and unaccompanied minors.

Identification of foreigners and intercultural communication

This workshop will allow to share practical information on conflict resolution in situations of crisis and diverse cultural backgrounds. The training will cover topics such as intercultural communication, and recognition of situations of mental distress as well as of socio-cultural aspects such as religion, culture and identity.