Pilot Project on Legal Migration


September 2021 - August 2024


EUR 2.218.529,19 (94,95% from AMIF)

Implemented by

This action is implemented by the Andalusian Municipality Fund for International Solidarity (FAMSI) in cooperation with the Federation of Local Authorities in Northern Morocco and Andalusia (AN^MAR) and the Andalusian Association of Renewable Energies (CLANER). Action implemented in the framework of the EU Pilot Projects on Legal Migration.

MOVE_GREEN is a circular mobility scheme between Andalusia and Northern Morocco that provides networking opportunities and professional qualification to Moroccan talents seeking to work in the renewable energy and green economy sector.

The 36-month project aims to increase their employability and entrepreneurial capacity as well as to strengthen cross-border public-private partnerships at the local and regional level.




A minimum of 36 Moroccan young graduates interested in the targeted sectors will be selected to participate in the mobility project. Prior to departure, they will receive training to improve their professional skills on issues of relevance for the renewable energy and green economy sector, and on the basic principles for developing business plans in Morocco. To facilitate their integration in Andalusia, they will also take part in Spanish language and socio-cultural trainings.


A four-month comprehensive training programme will take place in Spain, covering both academic and technical-vocational skills relevant to the renewable energy and green economy sector. Complemented by practical exchanges and visits to Andalusian companies and entrepreneurs, these activities will help participants improve their professional knowledge and expand their understanding of the sector as well as their professional networks in preparation of their return to Morocco.


This phase aims to help the young graduates reintegrate into the Moroccan labour market, either through support in job placement or in the development of their own business activity. Capitalizing on the training, experience and networks formed by participants during their time in Andalusia, the programme seeks to foster a cross-border network of stakeholders that can facilitate the reintegration process, and generate value and cooperation beyond the end of the project.

Cross-cutting activities

The project seeks to strengthen partnerships between public institutions and private actors through seminars, experience exchange visits and awareness raising campaigns to promote circular migration and co-development processes between Andalusia and Morocco. Local and regional governments’ partnership with companies and business groups will be reinforced, deepening possible trade relations and employment generation in the green economy sector.