Pilot Project on Legal Migration


May 2019 - December 2020


EUR 697,779.31 (39.69% from AMIF)

Implemented by

The University of West Bretagne (UBO) has implemented this Action in cooperation with HOMERe France Association

HOMERe (‘High Opportunity for Mediterranean Executive Recruitment’) was a pilot project that aimed at facilitating cooperation between France and Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt to boost legal temporary migration of talented youth through an innovative internship programme. The project sought to build on the HOMERe network’s past activities by strengthening institutional governance structures and expanding its 3-phase mobility schemes for interns.




The network facilitated internships for Moroccan and Tunisian students by connecting them and their universities with companies in France. Placements in diverse sectors including ICT, engineering, energy, entrepreneurship and business administration sought to improve the future employability of the students.

With the cooperation of both public and private higher education institutions in Morocco and Tunisia, 50 students/graduates (24 women and 26 men) were selected and matched with companies that were based in France and operating in Morocco and Tunisia. Prior to departure, the project provided administrative and logistical support for their stay and internships in France.

Despite best efforts to facilitate internships for Egyptian students these did not take place due to logistical and institutional challenges encountered.


HOMERe supported participants throughout their entire stay through individual social and financial support as well as health monitoring during the COVID-19 outbreak, and by ensuring that the host company adequately mentored each intern.

The internships took place in the following sectors: ICT (60%), electrical engineering (10%), and  Accounting, Business administration, Electro mechanics, Civil engineering, Power engineering, Marketing, Communication networks, Textile industry, Logistics, Industrial engineering (30%).


By implementing 50 short-term mobility internships with companies involved in transnational activities in the Mediterranean area, the project contributed to the development of technical competences that would facilitate the participants’ integration into their home labour market. At the end of the project, almost half found a first employment, either in the enterprise where they conducted their internship or in another.  

Strengthening the Network

By establishing contacts and building partnerships with many companies, the project was able to strengthen HOMERe’s network across academic institutions and transnational private companies operating in the Mediterranean region. In addition, cooperation among HOMERe associations in the participating partner countries was reinforced. Lastly, developing new contacts and relationships, led 11 new members to join the HOMERe regional consortium, which played a significant role in consolidating the local HOMERe structures. Such expansion of the structure will facilitate the future development of similar internship programmes run by the network.