December 2021 - November 2024


EUR 5,930,840.00 (of which EUR 2,000,000 from EU/AMIF)

Implemented by

This action is being implemented by ICMPD on behalf of Malta.

Implemented by ICMPD

The project aims to contribute to building migration capacity partnerships by establishing a permanent and accredited regional training institute offering quality-assured, bespoke learning and coaching that results in certification for migration actors. The Training Institute on Migration Capacity Partnership for the Mediterranean (MCP Med) will be based in Malta and will initially target Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia as strategically important countries that require training and capacity building of their migration operators.


Establishment Phase

This phase will encompass the set-up of necessary infrastructure (i.e. premises and facilities) and human resources. In this phase, it is envisaged that a policy and procedural framework (in compliance with European, national and ISO standards) will be introduced, communication tools and mechanisms will be created, required in-house competences/qualifications will be recruited and developed and a Virtual Learning Management platform will be developed and launched. Further, training needs and priorities will be identified with project beneficiaries and a network of trainers will be established to undertake the first set of trainings offered by MCP Med.

Transition Phase

During this phase, training material will be developed and submitted for accreditation via endorsement/recognition with relevant awarding bodies. The network of trainers will be expanded and further training will be provided for selected trainers on specific thematic areas. Training will be beta-tested and revised as necessary. In addition, a business model and funding strategy for the training institute will be developed which will consider potentially broadening the scope to include more beneficiary countries/agencies.

Consolidation Phase

Following the transition phase, training delivery will commence and MCP Med will be fully operational. A monitoring, evaluation and learning process will also be put in place to address potential shortcomings and adapt the training based on beneficiary feedback and needs. During this stage, a sustainable funding mechanism will be rolled-out.