January 2022 - December 2023


EUR 454,415.40 from ISF-Police

Implemented by

This action is being implemented by ICMPD on behalf of nominating EU Member States Hungary and Romania and in collaboration with the International Law Enforcement Cooperation Centre (ILECC) and the National Directorate General for Aliens Policing (NDGAP) in Hungary as well as with the Romanian Police.

Implemented by ICMPD

The project builds on previous actions funded by the European Union that supported the establishment of International Law Enforcement Coordination Units (ILECUs) in the Eastern Partnership and Western Balkan regions. The objective of the project is to strengthen the ILECU network in the regions – with a focus on Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, North Macedonia and Serbia - and support stakeholders in conducting joint law enforcement activities across the neighbouring countries.



Facilitation of Joint Cross-Regional Meetings and Workshops among Partner Countries

In this component of the project, cross-regional meetings will be facilitated between law enforcement agencies from partner countries convening higher-level management. The meetings will serve as a platform for identifying common opportunities and challenges, generating ideas to enhance ILECU operations, among others. The aim of this component is also to support a sustainable mechanism for exchange between law enforcement agencies and staff of partner countries’ ILECUs in the EaP and Western Balkan regions.

Capacity Building for Staff Operating in ILECUs

Targeted capacity building activities will be organised for staff members operating in ILECUs, which will allow for more harmonised working methods and closer cooperation. This component entails gaps and needs assessment part, study visits at Interpol and Europol Headquarters and other EU member states to be completed with a series of workshops and capacity building activities.

Provision of Equipment to ILECUs

Following a dedicated needs assessment, the project will provide minimal equipment facilitating interconnection and communication among partner ILECU offices in the target regions. This will support effective network communication that will facilitate the sustainability of exchanges even beyond the life of the project.

Cross-Cutting Activities

Throughout all activities of the project, activities will be designed in such a way that all participants will be involved in the preparation and implementation of meetings, study visits and workshops, which will facilitate the sharing of experiences, lessons learned and the compilation of best practices and relevant approaches for strengthening ILECU network.