ICMPD Hosts a Panel Session at the EU-Africa Business Summit

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 Date and Time: 23 June 2022, 12:00-13:00 (CEST)

A Business Case for the Private Sector in the New EU Talent Partnerships

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The Talent Partnerships announced by the European Commission will see investment in skills for the benefit of the labour market in Europe and for the benefit of the labour market in partner countries, with more skilled workers being made available to both.

The private sector – as the user of such labour – is an essential voice in identifying the sectors, the skills and the profiles of the candidates they seek. For the Talent Partnership to function they must therefore address the needs of employers – sectorally, technically and in terms of facilitating timely access to labour.

The ICMPD, through the Migration Partnership Facility (MPF) organised a dedicated session at the Summit to unpack the Talent Partnerships and a business case for private sector engagement. This session offered an interactive multi-stakeholder forum that brought together at the same table policy-makers and business leaders from the EU and Africa to share views, learn from each other, and jointly reflect on key next steps needed.



Johannes Luchner, Deputy-Director General, European Commission, Directorate General For Migration and Home Affairs

Dawit Dame, Senior Advisor, Ministry of Labour and Skill, Ethiopia

Mante Makauskaite, Digital Explorers project lead (Co-founder of AfriKo)

Eden Alemayehu, INSPIRE Project Manager, ICMPD

Moderator: Jennifer Tangney, Senior Project Manager, MPF