MPF Convenes its First Borders and Security Information Session Event

On the 18th of October 2022, the Migration Partnership Facility (MPF) organized an event convening former and current grantees, EU Member States, and EU services to provide an opportunity to discuss lessons learned, successes, and challenges in implementing borders and security projects under the framework of the MPF. The event, entitled ‘MPF Borders and Security Information Session – Sharing Experience and Forging Partnerships’ was held in Brussels, Belgium, and was the first of its kind focusing on the external dimension of borders and security in the context of the MPF.

The MPF Borders and Security Information Session enabled participants from various institutions across the EU to share knowledge, and best practice experiences and provided a spotlight to the various approaches to formulating and implementing border management and security actions with priority partner countries. Moreover, a key outcome of the event was the exploration of the thematic areas under BMVI and ISF that would be of interest to EU MS and other relevant actors for the next MPF Call for Proposals. The event also enabled plenty of unstructured and structured networking opportunities and set the scene for the building of relationships and future collaboration on borders and security actions.  

The MPF Borders and Security Information Session is just one of a number of actions that the Facility undertakes to proactively engender an enabling environment for knowledge exchange and policy-oriented learning and transfer. It is envisaged that the event will catalyse the next generation of MPF borders and security-related actions to be funded under the MPF in the next Call for Proposals.

A report will be disseminated soon, presenting the discussions, conclusions, and next steps emanating from the event.