Fight against trafficking in human beings


April 2019 - May 2023


EUR 601,156.70 (94.79% from ISF-Police)

Implemented by

The University of Venice (IUAV) is implementing this Action in cooperation with Nigerian Women Association, Pathfinders Justice Initiative, Equality ATI and Associazione 2050.

This Action is aiming at increasing the capacity of key local stakeholders in the Veneto region (Italy), Edo and Lagos states (Nigeria) as well as in Stockholm (Sweden) to tackle human trafficking and deal with its evolving dynam- ics, trends, forms and modus operandi. The Action will pay special attention to the trafficking of girls and young women all while promoting knowledge-based policymaking in the respective countries and reinforcing transnational cooperation on the topic.



In-depth qualitative research

In-depth qualitative research on emerging and evolving trends in the field of trafficking in human beings as well as on the strengths and weaknesses of prevention, protection and rehabilitation systems in Italy, Sweden and Nigeria.

Capacity building

Workshops and training sessions for law enforcement officers, cultural and linguistic mediators, NGOs, community leaders and other stakeholders focusing on the prevention, protection and rehabilitation systems in Italy and Nigeria.

Awareness raising

Activities include the launch of a pilot Helpdesk in Lagos for victim returnees, training sessions designed for teachers in selected colleges and high schools in Lagos and Edo State, awareness raising events in Italy and Nigeria, production of video clips and other communication materials.

Support to transnational cooperation

The Action will launch a shared database, including certi- fied organisations in Italy, Nigeria and Sweden, that will be initially accessible to the Action partners. The database will facilitate contacts between organisations and will serve as a platform for sharing good practices.