July 2021 - June 2024


EUR 3,260,0074.84 (94,97% from AMIF)

Implemented by

The Municipality of Milan is implementing this action in cooperation with the Municipality of Turin, Piedmont Employment Agency (APL), Metropolitan Agency for Training, Orientation and Work (AFOL), the National Association Beyond the Borders (ANOLF), Soleterre, Foreign Centre for Internationalisation of Piedmontese companies (CEIPIEMONTE), Italian Agency for Internationalisation of Italian companies (Promos Italia), and the Centre for Studies of International Politics (CeSPI).

MENTOR II is a circular mobility scheme that offers professional traineeship opportunities to young Moroccans and Tunisians in Northern Italy. Building on results from its predecessor project MENTOR I, this multi-stakeholder initiative seeks to apply a territorial approach to develop sustainable cooperation and dialogue across governance levels (local, regional, national) in Italy and its partner countries.




Prior to their departure, shortlisted candidates from Morocco and Tunisia will engage in civic education, technical skills training and Italian language courses in preparation for their traineeship in Italy. During this period, peer-to-peer exchanges among local authorities, employment agencies, youth centres and enterprises will also take place so that stakeholders can develop strong ownership of the process. Networks and partnerships fostered among territorial actors in this way, seek to contribute to sustainable promotion of circular migration schemes, while also providing optimal conditions for candidates’ professional stays in Italy.


During their traineeships, young Moroccans and Tunisians will benefit from workplace training and monitoring to ensure the improvement of their soft and hard skills. In addition, cultural mediators will assist trainees and companies to deal with cultural and social differences by providing cross-cultural communication and diversity management training.


The reintegration phase in Morocco and Tunisia will provide further mentoring and follow-up to accompany the trainees after the completion of their traineeship. Thematic workshops, webinars and events will help facilitate the trainees’ re-integration into their respective labour market. Specialised support and services will be provided for those incubating a start-up.

Cross-cutting activities

The project employs a territorial cooperation framework for institutional capacity building based on integrated, multi-level and multi-actor cooperation and dialogue to reflect the specificities of all involved territories. Local and regional partner institutions and employment agencies from Italy, Tunisia and Morocco will engage in joint activities to seek to improve sustainable migration policy frameworks and traineeship opportunities for non-EU citizens. An EU-wide survey will be realised to capitalise on existing experiences with circular migration schemes in other European cities and reinforce networking and exchanges on legal migration.