Pilot Project on Legal Migration


January 2019 - December 2021


EUR 1,347,778.69 (95% from AMIF)

Implemented by

Enterprise Lithuania is implementing this action in cooperation with AfriKo, Diversity Development Group, Code Academy and Ventures Platform Foundation.

Project implemented in the framework of the EU Pilot Projects on Legal Migration

This Action seeks to pilot a temporary legal labour migration scheme that will bring young ICT specialists from Nigeria to Lithuania. The programme is aimed at enhancing their skills and addressing labour shortage gaps as well as contributing to the growth and development of career advancement in both the countries. After the end of the career advancement programme reintegration support will be provided to the participants to facilitate adjustment and productive use of their human and social capital acquired in Lithuania.




Up to 50 Nigerian ICT specialists will be selected and matched with employers in Lithuania. Prior to their departure, they will follow a Workplace Awareness training including the development of customised professional development plans.

Skills enhancement

3 tailor-made courses targeting different profiles will be set up to enhance skills and competencies of selected ICT specialists.

Capacity building

The Action will facilitate institutional learning and exchanges between Nigerian and Lithuanian institutions on digital entrepreneurship and the creation of a favourable environment for start-ups.


Throughout the career advancement programme (6 to 12 months), participants will benefit from personalised support including logistical assistance, networking and facilitation of links to the ICT ecosystem in Lithuania.


The reintegration programme will help participants to familiarise with opportunities, networks, resources and will provide trainings and career/start-up counselling within the first two months of their return.