Focus on Beneficiaries: K9 Division of the Georgian Border Police

The K9 Division of the Georgian Border Police (B/P) recently benefited from a project of support from their Latvian counterparts and financed by the MPF with funds from the Internal Security Borders and Visa budget.


B/P Colonel Teimuraz Chkhartishvii, Deputy Head of K9 Division, MIA Border Police of Georgia described how the project conducted training and provided material assistance, which included the establishment of a service dogs’ gene pool for breeding and provision of K9 equipment for delivery of effective practical field training. The project further supported the development of knowledge and skills amongst a cohort of Georgian instructors who, in turn, will ensure skills transfer to the K9 personnel deployed at the State border.

Training, delivered by EU specialists, contributed to the professional capacity development of the Georgian instructors. It also provided best European practice and standards in dog training and handling, as well as establishing good cooperation and relationships with Latvian and Moldovan counterparts, which continues through online communication and exchange of latest developments.

B/P Colonel Chkhartishvii told us that the MPF project represents one of the biggest contributions to the K9 capacity building process in Georgia by supporting delivery of breeding dogs, relevant training and appropriate equipment.

The photographs below show the practical and hands-on nature of the support provided – moving policy and theory into action.