Labour Mobility Practitioners' Network Kick-off

On January 25th, the MPF held the LMPN’s Kick-off Meeting. This very first meeting successfully gathered 89 labour mobility practitioners from international organisations, EU institutions, national ministries, recruitment agencies, private sector, think tanks, development agencies, and non-governmental organisations.

The announcement of the Talent Partnerships policy framework by the European Commission has put labour migration and skills mobility ever more under the spotlight for discussion and engagement in EU and global policy circles. A variety of actors have been convening events on the topic, publishing reports, and seeking to advance understanding of labour migration processes as well as foster exchange between the different stakeholders involved in them.

With such clear wealth of experience, lessons learned and success amongst early practitioners both from EU-funded pilot projects but also from those funded by the EU member states themselves, it is opportune to share practical, applied learning amongst all invested actors including those beginning their labour mobility endeavours, those seeking to launch new schemes or evolve existing. The MPF took the initiative to facilitate the creation of the Labour Mobility Practitioners’ Network (LMPN) as part of its package of support to the enabling environment for labour mobility projects. The Kick-off meeting provided an occasion for the practitioners to discuss and agree on the Network’s objectives and work plan, with members volunteering to take part in the upcoming Thematic Meeting to be held in April on private sector engagement and others later in the year. A member’s only space is under development on the MPF website which will soon contain a document repository, a networking database of members, an events calendar, message board and other features to allow this emerging community to consolidate, cooperate and innovate!

If you are interested in more information, or think you are eligible to join, please send us an email or register your interest here