MPF CfP 2023_Borders & Security_Guidelines

Step 1: Concept Note

MPF CfP 2023_Borders & Security_Concept Note

Step 2: Full Application Package

Full Application_Form + Annex I Action Plan
Format for Submission: Filled and signed (Microsoft Word + PDF)
Full Application_Annex II Logframe
Format for submission: Filled (Microsoft Word)
Full Application_Annex III_Budget
Format for Submission: Filled (Microsoft Excel)
Full Application_Annex IV_Financial and Operational Capacity form
Format for Submission: Filled (Microsoft Word)
Full Application_Annex V_Declaration on Honour
Format for Submission: Filled and signed (PDF)

Grant Contract Package

Grant Contract_Special Conditions
Grant Contract_Annex II_General Conditions
Grant Contract_Annex III_Budget
Grant Contract_Annex IV_Procurement by grant beneficiaries
Grant Contract_Annex V-1_Payment Request
Grant Contract_Annex V-2_Business Partner Registration - Financial Identification Form
Grant Contract_Annex VI-1_Interim Narrative Report
Grant Contract_Annex VI-2_Final Narrative Report
Grant Contract_Annex VI-3_Financial Report
Grant Contract_Annex VII_ToR_Expenditure verification
Grant Contract_Annex VIII_Pre-financing guarantee form
Grant Contract_Annex IX_Transfer of Assets
Grant Contract_Annex X_Provisional Financial Report (not applicable)

Support Materials

MPF Handbook on Grant Financial Management